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GIG For Instant & Unlimited Supply of Hot Water VIEW GAS GEYSER RANGE Give it Gas offers a wide range of Gas Geysers to suit every household, business and outdoor space. Gas Geysers GIG Beat Load-shedding With A Gas Stove VIEW GAS STOVE RANGE Give it Gas offers a wide range of Gas Stoves from 4 to 6 Burners at competitive prices. Cooking With Gas GIG Your Camping & Load Shedding Partner. Gas Stove & Oven Combo BUY NOW R4850.00 Kexin Camping Stove GIG On Which Gas Geyser To Choose? COMPLETE ADVICE FORM Give it Gas experts will ensure you choose the right gas geyser for your home, business or outdoor space Need Advice GIG Installations by Give It Gas BOOK INSTALLATION Give it Gas now offers Gas Appliance Installations to all residential & small business properties. Gas Appliance






Which Geyser to Buy!

Gas Geysers are not an ‘off-the-shelf’ type product. There are a number of factors which will influence the type & size of geyser which will best suit your needs.

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How do Gas Geysers Work?

Gas geysers are activated by cold water running through the unit i.e. as soon as you open a hot tap the geyser will switch on. It will automatically switch off again when you close the hot tap.

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Geyser Troubleshooting

What to do if your gas geyser is not working! There are a number of factors that could cause your gas geyser to not work, please follow the link for further information.

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Why you need a Qualified Gas Installer

If you do not make use of a qualified gas installer you may be held legally liable in the event of an accident.

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Finding A Qualified Gas Installer

All Gas Installers are required by law to be registered qualified with the LP Gas Association of SA.

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Recognising a Qualified Installer

Registered installers are issued with an identity document bearing their photograph.

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Electricity vs Gas vs Solar

You can make energy efficiency gains (and help reduce your energy bills) in your household or business by choosing the most energy efficient appliances for your needs within your budget.

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Gas Safety

We take it for granted that our gas geysers, cookers and gas fireplaces are safe. It is only when there is a problem with an appliance that many people take any notice of it at all.

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User Manuals

The warranty of gas appliances is dependent on the appliance being installed by a qualified Gas Installer. Always use a qualified Gas Installer your warranty on the appliance will not be valid.

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