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Bosch 18l Gas Geyser – Hydro/ LPG (WRD18G31)

New! Bosch 18l Gas Geyser – Hydro/ LPG (WRD18G31)  

Bosch 18l Gas Geyser – Hydro/ LPG (WRD18G31)

R6,410.00 Inc VAT



  • 18 Litres per minute
  • Hydro Generator Ignition –  requires no batteries. Hydro mechanisms are easily damaged by dirt/ sand in the water supply & we recommend having a in-line water filter fitted to your incoming water supply to protect this geyser.
  • LP Gas:  (butane/propane) 28 (2.8) mbar (kPa)
  • Temperature control at maximum setting: – Ambient +50°C – Flow Rate 2 – 8.8 l/min
  • Temperature control at minimum setting: – Ambient +25°C – Flow Rate 4 –17.6 l/min
  • Bathroom and kitchen (distance dependant)
  • Bosch gas geysers are manufactured in Portugal, under direct supervision of the parent company in Germany.
  • Geysers will ignite in low water pressure conditions (ie 1 bar).
  • Approved for indoor or outdoor installation. Geysers installed indoors must, by law, be fitted with a flue pipe which exits the building (either via the exterior wall or vertically via the roof – may not end in ceiling).
  • Flue pipes are required for Bosch geysers installed outdoors – without this the geyser will overheat & keep switching itself off.
  • 2 year warranty, providing the geyser is installed by a qualified & registered gas installer.
  • Dimensions : 475 (D) x 270 (W) x 770 (H) mm.

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