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    GAS CAMPING/ LOAD SHEDDING STOVE - R4,850.00 • 2x Gus Burners
    • Gas Oven, with Thermometer
    • Piezo Electric Ignition
    • Non Stick Enamel Cook Top
    • Folding Lid & Carry Handles for easy portability
    • Flame Failure Device in Oven
    • Includes Regulator & Gas Hose Dimensions : 635×415×535mm
    Weight: 16.5 kg To order please email on info@giveitgas.co.za or call on (010) 227 0044
    3 days ago Sthembile Felicia Mbingo
    Hi please assist I bought the stove how do I light the oven
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    NEW STOCK OF TYPHOON 12L (R5,500.00 incl vat) & 16L (R6,400.00 incl vat) FORCED FAN GEYSERS HAVE ARRIVED
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    FROZEN FOOD BEING RUINED DURING POWER OUTAGES? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! Gas powered freezers & fridges have been manufactured in SA for over 30yrs & until Load Shedding, were mainly used on farms & in remote rural areas with no electricity. We sell a range of gas-only & gas/ electric freezers & fridges. Full details & prices can be seen on our website http://www.giveitgas.co.za NEW : DOUBLE BIN GAS/ELECTRIC FRIDGE/FREEZER -R6,590.00 (INCL VAT) PRODUCT DESCRIPTION
    * Double Bin Fridge/ Freezer
    * Total Capacity 270l / Fridge Capacity 119l/ Freezer Capacity 119l
    * Incl Gas Safety Valve
    * Incl Gas Thermostat
    * Digital Electric Thermostat
    * Metal Hinges
    * Back Cover Plate
    * Incl Gas Regulator & Gas Hose
    * 2x Baskets
    * Warranty: 3 year Carry-In Warranty (South Africa Only)
    * Optional: Stainless Steel Body – Additional R1,100.00 (incl vat) TECHNICAL DATA
    * Wattage: 180W (220V)/ 175W (12V/24V) Optional
    * Gas Consumption: 580g/ 24hrs
    * Energy Sources : LP Gas/ 220V/ 12V-24V Optional
    * Performance: -14C @ +32C (Freezer) / +2C @ 32C (Fridge) DIMENSIONS/ WEIGHT
    * Packaged Dimensions : 830 (H) x 1135 (W) x 700 (D) mm
    * Actual Dimensions: 820 (H) x 1125 (W) x 680 (D) mm
    * Weight : 80kg Delivery costs will depend on what area the appliance is being delivered to. For more information email penny@giveitgas.co.za/ (010) 227 0044
    18 weeks ago Wynand Fourie
    where can one view this product in person?
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    NEW PORTABLE GAS HEATER  Bromic Gas Heaters (manufactured in the USA) have just arrived in SA. Price : R8,595.00 (incl vat) These heaters must be connected to an installed gas connection . By fitting Quick Release Adaptors , the heater can be moved to different positions in the house. Bromic Heaters can heat an area of up to 66 square meters. They are ventless/ flueless so cannot be used in bedrooms . For more information please visit http://www.giveitgas.co.za or contact us on penny@giveitgas.co.za / (010) 227 0044
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    GET THEM WHILE YOU CAN!! STOCK OF TYPHOON 16L FORCED FAN GEYSERS HAVE ARRIVED! New stock of the Typhoon 16l Forced Fan gas geysers (R6,260.00 incl vat) has just arrived. The Typhoon 16l Forced Fan geyser is ideal for a 1 bathroom cottage/ flat/ apartment/ house. These are the only small gas geysers which can be used in a double story townhouse/ Loft type Apartment. These geysers must have a 220v plug point to be able to run their electronics. During load-shedding you will have to have an alternative source of power (UPS/ Inverter/ Generator/ Solar) to be able to run the geyser.  NOTE: Typhoon gas geysers have been out of stock since April. This new stock will not last long! For more information visit http://www.giveitgas.co.za or contact us on penny@giveitgas.co.za / (010) 227 0044/ 082 452 4488
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    JUST ARRIVED! ATLAS GAS GEYSERS ! New stock of Atlas gas geysers has arrived (at last!). Please note that Atlas geysers have been out of stock for over 3 months, & most companies have a list of customers waiting for these geysers. Don't leave it too long to order as we don't see this stock lasting too long! Following are the new prices:- * Atlas 5.5l Camping Geyser - R2,300.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 6l geyser - R2,300.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 8l geyser - R2,680.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 10l geyser - R3,280.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 12l geyser - R3,760.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 16l geyser - R5,430.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 16l Constant Temperature geyser - R7,670.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 20l geyser - R5,990.00 (incl vat)
    * Atlas 20l Forced Fan geyser - R11,900.00 (incl vat) The following sizes of gas geysers must be fitted with a flue pipe (R300.00 incl vat) : 6l/ 8l/ 10l/ 16l/ 20l (standard, not Forced Fan). For more information please contact us on penny@giveitgas.co.za or visit http://www.giveitgas.co.za
    68 weeks ago Mike DB
    I am looking for a diagram 16 L Atlas , do you have stock?
    68 weeks ago Give It Gas
    Try Everything Gas.
    68 weeks ago Mike DB
    Give It Gas
    68 weeks ago Mike DB
    Give It Gas thanks
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    RINNAI AVENGER HEATERS We will be receiving some stock of Rinnai Avenger 25 Gas Heaters in April. The price is currently R15,400.00 (incl vat).  If you are wanting one of these heaters, please email us on penny@giveitgas.co.za so we can add your name to our list of customers waiting for these heaters.
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    NEW: ARISTON GAS GEYSERS Ariston is an Italian manufactured gas geyser, made to high European standards.  For customers who prefer European manufactured appliances, Ariston Gas Geysers are on a par with Bosch gas geysers , & also come with a 2 year warranty. Like Bosch these geysers have a copper Heat Exchanger, which gives higher water temperatures & is longer lasting. Ariston offer a full range of parts & after-sales service for their geysers. ** Ariston 11l & 14l Gas Geysers
    The Ariston 11l geyser is R4,230.00 (incl vat & flue pipe) & the Ariston 14l is R4,730.00 (incl vat & flue pipe)
    The geysers offer temperature stability during shower/ continuous hot water at low flow rates/ solid and durable components
    / Flame off during product standby/ up-to-date technology for complete safety ** Ariston 16l Gas Geyser - Constant Temperature
    The Ariston 16l is R6,200.00 (incl vat + flue pipe). Thanks to its technology it can work even with very low water flow rate and water pressure/ Continuous flame modulation via the NTC sensor located at the heater exchanger outlet (maximum temperature stability) / Minimum operating pressure of 0.1 bar
    / Also operates with a minimum water flow rate of 2 l/min / Water flow switch present/ Electronic flame detection/ Simple temperature regulation For more information please contact us on 082 452 4488 or penny@giveitgas.co.za.
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    PRO'S & CON'S OF CHINESE MADE GAS GEYSERS Most people who have not been happy with a Chinese manufactured gas geyser have not been given all the facts about these geysers by the person who sold it to them. It is also often the case that the geyser is doing exactly what it is supposed to do, but it isn't fit for purpose. The majority of battery-ignited gas geysers sold in SA are in fact Chinese manufactured, including well known brands like Atlas, Totai, Dewhot, Typhoon, Delta, Kexin & Kwikhot.  PRO'S & CON'S ** These geysers are well priced & are a good budget product. ** The geyser will work during load-shedding ** Back-up service varies between brands & it very important to establish this before you buy a particular brand. Buying purely based on price is never advisable. ** These geysers cannot send hot water more than 6-7m away from the geyser & don't cope at all well sending hot water to an upstairs bathroom. The further from the geyser the water is sent, the more temperature is lost through water piping & the more water pressure is lost (especially in winter). ** Battery-Ignited geysers cannot increase/ stabilise existing water pressure. Whatever the water pressure into your house is, is what you will get at the taps regardless of the size battery-ignited geyser you use . ** These geysers have very little temperature control (unless they are a Constant Temperature geyser). They are factory designed to heat incoming water by another 35-40C. In winter when incoming water temperatures can be as low as 3-5C the geyser may struggle to make temperature, especially if the taps are far from the geyser. ** Getting parts for Chinese manufactured geysers is generally quite easy & the parts are reasonably cheap. Any qualified gas installer should have the knowledge to work on these geysers.  ** Regardless of whether these geysers are installed indoors or outdoors they must be fitted with a flue pipe. They will also need a weather cover if they will be rained on .  ** The only battery-ignited gas geysers which can run 2x showers at the same time are the 20l models. The 16l models will usually manage 1x shower & 1x basin/ kitchen tap at the same time. This also depends on the home water pressure & distance from the geyser to the taps. ** Battery-ignited gas geysers cannot work with water-saver showerheads. ** If the geyser is being used to supply hot water for a lot of people every day you may find that the running costs of a battery-ignited gas geyser will be similar to an electric geyser. In these situations we only recommend using a Forced-Fan gas geyser.  If you would like more information please visit http://www.giveitgas.co.za or contact us on 082 452 4488 or penny@giveitgas.co.za
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    NEW STOCK OF PALOMA 20L GEYSERS DUE EARLY FEBRUARY We are due to receive our new stock of Paloma Geysers in early February. We have a few Paloma 20l geysers (R11,600.0 incl vat) still unallocated from the new stock . If you would like to order one of these please email us on penny@giveitgas.co.za.  Our Paloma 26l geysers coming in the new stock are all fully sold out.
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    DO GAS GEYSERS NEED SERVICING? All gas geysers should be serviced once a year. These geysers are mostly installed on on outside wall & will get a build up of dust inside them. We regularly find insect nests inside the geyser too. Gas has an oil content in it & this oil , mixed with dust, can start affecting the gas burners in the geyser. More & more household insurance companies are insisting on a yearly service on gas geysers. Forced Fan geysers like Paloma & Rinnai make a yearly service a condition of their warranty.  If you are located in Johannesburg/ Pretoria & would like to book a service for your geyser , please contact Ross on 082 441 2126.
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    GAS GEYSER STOCK UPDATE (08/12/20) Covid has had a huge effect on gas geyser manufacturing in the Far East/ Europe & on imports into S.A. Stock availability has been erratic all year. The current situation is as follows:- PALOMA GEYSERS - Our November stock arrived today but has already been pre-sold out (was so by early November). The next Paloma stock is due at the end of January. RINNAI GEYSERS - No stock until end of January. BOSCH GEYSERS - No stock of Battery/ Hydro ignited geysers until mid February. There are a few Bosch 20l geysers still available. No stock of any Bosch 24l/ 26l/ 27l geysers . Bosch will not be importing any of these geysers (Forced Fan) for the foreseeable future.  ATLAS GEYSERS - Currently there is stock available of Camping Geysers & 6l / 8l/ 10l/ 12l/ 16l (Constant Temperature) geysers. Stock of Standard 16l & 20l geysers, & 20l Forced Fan geysers is only due at the end of January. TYPHOON GEYSERS - No stock until early February. DEWHOT GEYSERS - some stock available battery ignited geysers. Note!
    If you are wanting Paloma or Rinnai geysers you MUST be on our waiting lists for these geysers, or you will NOT get a geyser when the stock arrives at the end of January. To get on the waitlist you can email penny@giveitgas.co.za
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    To order please email on penny@giveitgas.co.za
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    PRE-ORDER YOUR PALOMA GEYSER NOW TO AVOIID DISAPPOINTMENT! There is currently no stock of Paloma Gas Geysers in SA . New stock is expected in mid July.
    When this new stock arrives we will be in a back-order situation so we are urging clients to order their geysers now to avoid disappointment when the new stock arrives.
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    GAS GEYSERS : CAN THEY FREEZE IN COLD WEATHER? When outside temperatures drop very low, certain models of gas geysers definitely can freeze up.  There is always some water in the pipes inside your gas geyser. When this water freezes it expands & can cause the geyser's internal pipes to crack or burst. An obvious symptom of this is water leaking out the bottom of your geyser. If the internal pipes are cracked, not actually burst, they may only start leaking when the weather really warms up. The gas geysers most affected by freezing conditions are the battery-ignited & Hydro-ignited geysers. These geysers do not have electronic control systems in them, so the only way you can prevent the geyser from freezing is to drain the geyser of water before the freezing conditions arrive (there is a plastic plug at the bottom of the geyser for this purpose). Warnings about freeze damage are explained in the geyser's user manual & will not be covered by the geyser's warranty. Replacing the geyser is usually cheaper than trying to repair cracked/ burst pipes. The only geysers which are not affected by freezing conditions are the Forced Fan Geysers (ie those which need a 220v plug point) like Paloma, Rinnai, Atlas' 20l Forced Fan, Bosch Optiflow Geysers & Bosch Thermo Geysers (24l & 27l). These geysers have electronic control systems in them & will automatically self-defrost when water temperatures drop very low/ freeze. For more information contact us on (010) 227 0044 / 082 452 4488, or penny@giveitgas.co.za
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    118 weeks ago Frank Albertus
    Hi what makes do you have and prices I am a certified gas installer email address is frank@installmygas.co.za thanks
    116 weeks ago Give It Gas
    Hi Frank. You'll find all the products we sell on our website http://www.giveitgas.co.za , along with current prices.`
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    It was a customer of ours (a farmer in the Karoo, with terrible water conditions) who gave us the best description of Paloma geysers ever! After trying a number of other gas geysers without success, he tried Paloma. He called us about a week after installation & his first words were 'Man! This Paloma is the Landcruiser of gas geysers! ' 🙂
    High praise indeed especially coming from a farmer.... & completely accurate! Paloma geysers are very robust, Japanese manufactured gas geysers, which can cope with pretty much anything & just keep going. We have sold them to resorts in Mozambique, lodges in Botswana & Zambia , & in most rural / remote parts of South Africa & they have proved their reliability over & over again. Cities are a breeze for these geysers !
    The Paloma 20l geyser (R10,900.00 incl vat) will run up to 4x showers at the same time. The Paloma 26l geyser (R11,990.00 incl vat) will run up to 6x showers at the same time. These geysers carry an extended warranty (10yrs on heat exchanger/ 3yrs on internal piping/ 1yr on electronics). The Paloma Standard Remote Controller is currently on special for R700.00 (incl vat).
    The geysers can be connected directly up to an existing solar system, are unaffected by low/ fluctuating water pressure & mixer taps have no negative affect on them.
    Gas geysers must be installed by a qualified gas installer , or the warranty on the geyser will not be valid.
    For more information visit http://www.giveitgas.co.za or contact us on (010) 227 0044 / penny@giveitgas.co.za
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    USING A GAS CHEST FREEZER AS A FRIDGE There are such things as upright fridges which can run on gas & electricity (not both at the same, obviously 🙂 ) , however they don't come cheap. The cost of a 230l upright gas/ electric fridge is R10,700.00 (incl vat). A cheaper alternative to look at is using a gas chest freezer ,fitted with a gas thermostat. Having the thermostat fitted will mean that you can regulate the temperature to what you need it to be. For practical purposes the smaller units are easier to use as a fridge but most freezers can be fitted with thermostats if you prefer a larger size.  Fitment of the gas thermostat will be an additional R500.00 (incl vat) on top of the prices below:- * 100l gas only chest freezer - R3,850.00 (incl vat)
    * 120l gas only chest freezer - R4,050.00 (incl vat)
    * 205l gas only chest freezer - R4,970.00 (incl vat)  To see the full range of gas freezers we sell visit our website http://www.giveitgas.co.za .The prices on our website are correct. Note: prices do not include delivery. Email penny@giveitgas.co.za for a delivery quote.
    115 weeks ago Lisa Siebrits
    Lauren Filen Might be an idea for Dinokeng one day xx
    115 weeks ago Lauren Filen
    Lisa Siebrits Absolutely
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