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Recognising a Qualified Installer


Registered installers are issued with an identity document bearing their photograph. The card also carries their name, authorization number and their grade i.e. Domestic, Commercial or Autogas. Consumers are strongly urged to ask the installer to present their card BEFORE allowing work to commence.

Installers are required to issue a CERTIFICATE OF COMPLIANCE after completion and commission of a ‘fixed’ installation, and to have instructed the end-user on the safe operation of the installed appliance/s and gas system, before handing over the installation.

If in any doubt over the credentials of an installer first refer to SAQCCGAS http://saqccgas.co.za/gas-practioners/registration-categories-per-assoc/ where you will have access to a list of all authorised installers. You will be able to conduct searches by installer number/installer surname / company name. If you are still unsure contact the SAQCCGAS offices on  (011) 285 0038.



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