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Gas geysers - How do Gas Geysers Work?

Gas geysers are activated by cold water running through the unit i.e. as soon as you open a hot tap the geyser will switch on. It will automatically switch off again when you close the hot tap. This means that the geyser only uses gas when you are actually using hot water.

How do Gas Geysers Work?


  • Most SABS/ LPGSA approved geysers are installed on an outside wall, under the eaves of the roof. If you have a flat-roofed house &/or you live in an extremely windy area you may need to purchase a weather cover for your gas geyser.
  • Gas geysers approved for indoor installation must by law be installed in a well ventilated area & must be fitted with a flue pipe which expels exhaust heat & fumes  from the building. Flue pipes can our be installed to go up through the ceiling & roof, or through the bathroom/ kitchen wall.


  • Very! However this is only an issue in areas where water supply is from boreholes. Fluctuating water pressure will cause a Standard Gas Geyser to either fail to ignite, or to switch off shortly after igniting. This problem can be overcome by installing a pressure pump to stabilise water pressure. Advanced Gas Geysers have electronic systems which allow them to be able to operate in low water pressure areas of 1.5 bar and with fluctuating water pressure (for an explanation of the differences between Standard Gas Geysers and Advanced Gas Geysers, go to our page on ‘Which gas geyser to buy?’).
  • Areas with municipal water supply generally have stable and sufficient water pressure.


Water purity is really only an issue in situations where extremely bad/ dirty water conditions occur. Most Gas Geysers do however have a removable water filter in the water inlet pipe. If the filter becomes clogged, the gas geyser will fail to ignite. In these areas with dirty water the filter will need to be regularly removed and cleaned.


  • Advanced Gas Geysers require servicing every 6 to 12 months, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Standard Gas Geysers do not require regular servicing as such, however if you live in a dry and dusty region it is definitely advisable to service or at least dust-out your Standard gas geyser from time to time.

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