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Qualified Gas Installer


  • In some cases, the actual installation of an appliance is a relatively simple matter but it is important to know that the  warranty on all gas appliances is dependent on the appliance being installed by a qualified Gas Installer. If you do not use a qualified Gas Installer your warranty on the appliance will not be valid. South Africa has very strict  laws on the installation of gas piping and the correct storage of gas cylinders. If you do not make use of a qualified gas installer you may be held legally liable in the event of an accident.
  • Once your appliance has been installed, your gas installer will issue you with a Gas Certificate of Compliance. Keep it in a safe place as without it, the appliance manufacturer will not honour the warranty on your appliance. If you ever need to claim on your Household Insurance, the first thing the insurance company will want a copy of before processing your claim is the Gas Certificate of Compliance. All household insurance companies insist that all gas installations be done by a qualified gas Installer.


We work closely with selected qualified & registered Gas Installers & are always happy to recommend them to our customers. These installers tend to work in limited areas/ regions so  please call or email us for their details. Alternatively, you can find a list of qualified gas installers in your area by going to our ‘Finding a Qualified Gas Installer’ page.


  • We do not do installations of gas appliances and cannot take responsibility for the workmanship and level of service of any installer, as per our Terms and Conditions of Business (contact us for a full copy of these, or visit the Terms and Conditions page on this website for the Online version of them)

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