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Gas Geysers - Troubleshooting for Standard Gas Geysers

What to do if your Standard Gas Geyser is not working…….

Is the geyser making a clicking noise?

  • If not check batteries, they last 6 months or so depending on usage.  Undo battery box remove batteries, put your finger in just to make sure spring connection is not broken.
  • Check your gas cylinder hasn’t run out of gas.
  • If you have recently replaced your gas cylinder, you may have a vacuum lock. To clear this, remove the gas pipe from the regulator & switch on the gas cylinder for a few seconds. Switch off the cylinder, reconnect pipe & switch cylinder back on.
  • If the regulator on your gas cylinder is more than 3 years old it may need replacing. A faulty regulator restricts the gas flow & the geyser will not ignite without sufficient gas. It is always best buy a good quality regulator (not the cheapest on the market)
  • Do not buy ‘Rogue’ gas cylinders, even if they are cheaper than those sold by established LP Gas outlets. The gas used in these cylinders has a lot of impurities in it. All gas geysers are sensitive to having the correct gas mixture.

Is your geyser not making a clicking noise?

  • Check that your water pressure is sufficient. Water pressure from boreholes pumps can fluctuate which can prevent the geyser from switching on. In this case you will need a pressure pump to stabilize your water pressure.  To check if your water pressure may be too low, turn the water adjustment knob on your geyser totally clockwise and if there is no clicking sound the cause is most likely insufficient water pressure (also remember to check the geyser’s batteries – see above)
  • There is a water filter located in the water inlet pipe in your geyser. If this filter becomes clogged it will restrict the water supply to the geyser & the geyser will not ignite. If you live in a rural area &/or your water is supplied by borehole,  you may need to clean out this filter from time-to-time. Unscrew the water inlet pipe, remove the filter, clean it & replace.

Geyser lights up then turns off?

  • Check batteries & water pressure

Water is alternatively  piping hot and then cold?

  • The most likely cause of this is because you have a mixter unit on your taps. With mixer units the hot water should be switched on first & then the cold water must be turned on slowly until the required temperature is achieved. If the cold water pressure is too strong it back-feeds  water  into the geyser causing it to switch off. This can also be solved by having a non-return valve fitted between the geyser and the hot tap/s.
  • If you live in a warm/ hot region, you will not need to use the Winter temperature setting. Making your geyser water too hot will mean you having to use more cold water, which can back-feed into the geyser causing it to switch off.

Water goes cold after a short time?

  • Make sure no other hot taps being supplied by this geyser are in use as this “steals” /splits the geyser’s capacity between the two taps & allows the cold water to become dominant, resulting in both outlets having luke-warm/ cold water.  If too many hot taps are switched on simultaneously, there geyser will switch off automatically

Water not hot enough?

  • Check your temperature settings are correct (Summer/ Winter)
  • Check gas inlet adjustment fully open.
  • Check water inlet adjustment is fully open.

Gas flame inside geyser seems too high?

  • Is gas turned on properly
  • Regulator may be faulty
  • Gas in cylinder may be running out.

If none of the above solve the problem with your geyser please contact your gas geyser installer. Note: Geysers need to be serviced if they are smoking or operating erratically.

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