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Finding A Qualified Gas Installer

Give It Gas offers installations , repairs & servicing of gas geysers in Johannesburg’s Northern Suburbs. Please contact Ross Philip on 082 441 2126close

In terms of the Pressure Equipment Regulations, all Gas Installers are required by law to be registered qualified with the LP Gas Association of SA, & must be registered with the South African Qualification and Certification Commitee for Gas (SAQCCGas).


  •  Go to the SAQCCGAS website  http://saqccgas.co.za/gas-practioners/registration-categories-per-assoc/ BEFORE GOING TO THIS SITE, PLEASE READ THE TIPS BELOW. 
  • In the search box which will appear, ignore the first few lines and do your  search by ‘ TOWN & SUBURB’  – use the name of larger areas (eg Randburg or Sandton) rather than smaller suburbs which fall within a  larger area.
  • The Gas Name for most parts of S.A. is ‘LPG’. If however you live in an area which has underground piped Natural Gas (mostly older suburbs of Johannesburg & a few new Estates in Centurion) you need to choose ‘NG’ as the Gas Type.
  • The Skill will be ‘DOMESTIC/ RESIDENTIAL ’ if the installation is for a home/ cottage/ flat / etc. If you are needing an installation for a restaurant/factory/ shop/ hotel  you will need to use the ‘COMMERCIALSkill .


  •  Once you have a list of qualified installers in your area, call a few for quotes (prices can vary a lot).
  • You are never obliged to buy your gas appliances  from your installer.
  • Always establish if your chosen installer has had experience installing the brand of gas geyser you have chosen. This particularly applies to Bosch, Paloma and Rinnai gas geysers.


  • We cannot take responsibility for the workmanship and level of service of any gas installer found via the search facility on our website, as per our Terms and Conditions of Business (contact us for a full copy of these, or visit the Terms and Conditions page on this website for the Online version of them).
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